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Knowing how to care for your shingle roof is essential as a homeowner. Proper maintenance will not only keep your roof in working order, but also help extend its lifespan. As a major component of the house, your roof requires annual maintenance.

To help you understand what your asphalt shingle roof might need, we have compiled this list of our top tips. It is always important to remember that a little bit of time and effort now can save you and your wallet significantly down the road.

Safety is Number One

Safety should always be your first priority when it comes to any roof work. Whether you are climbing on a ladder, walking on the roof, or working in the attic, having the proper materials and ability are essential. Sometimes, hiring a professional roofing company is best as they have the tools and knowledge to perform any maintenance.

1. Inspect Shingles

Each season has its own effects on a shingle roof. Summer brings excessive heat and UV rays while winter months will bring snow and the creation of ice dams. Completing a full inspection of the shingles after each season is an essential roofing maintenance item. 

A shingle inspection can easily be completed from your lawn. Carefully look at each shingle and look for signs of wear & tear, cracks, or even if any are missing. If you find a section that is damaged, contact your local roofer to repair as quickly as possible. Failing to complete repairs can turn into additional damage.

2. Clear Organic Debris 

Trees and bushes will add a beautiful aesthetic to a house, but they also drop a lot of debris on the roof. Clearing the debris from the roof can help prevent significant damage as well as moss and algae growth. Furthermore, when rain hits these sticks, leaves, and dirt, it can easily find its way into your gutters. A clogged gutter system can wreak havoc on a shingle roof. 

Removing any organic debris from your shingle roof is highly recommended. Doing so at least twice a year and after large rain storms could save you significantly. Using a soft bristle broom or leaf blower should do the job. If you cannot safely access your roof, be sure to contact a professional to complete a cleaning. Be sure to also treat any moss or algae growth.

asphalt shingle roof with significant organic debris to be cleared

3. Trim Nearby Tree Limbs

One shingle roofing maintenance tip that doesn’t have to do with the roof at all is to trim nearby tree limbs and branches. Trimming large branches and limbs from the trees that hang over your roof can help protect it from significant damage.

When a tree limb falls onto a roof, it can damage the shingles, underlayment, and roof deck, creating a hole through to the inside of the home. Examining the trees around your home and determining if they need to be trimmed should be completed at least once a year. You will also want to check after major storms roll through.

4. Caulk Flashing

Flashing is a key piece of a roofing system because it diverts water away from the most vulnerable parts of the roof. Without flashing, water will easily find its way through the cracks, under the material, and inside your home. The flashing is typically caulked to help further prevent water from finding its way inside. 

Over time, the caulking can start to peel or go missing all together. Annually inspecting it and replacing it when needed will help prevent moisture intrusion. Additionally, examine the flashing for rust, dents, or to see if it is missing. Replacing damage flashing can save you significantly from a leak or water damage.

5. Examine Insulation & Ventilation 

Two other key pieces of the roofing system include the insulation and ventilation. Inspecting your attic space to ensure there is no excess moisture or rot present at least once a year is recommended. Insulation is important to the roof and your home to help regulate the interior temperature. Without sufficient insulation, the home can get excessively warm in the summer months or stay cooler during the winter months. 

Ventilation is essential for the roofing system and to ensure the hot air has somewhere to go as it builds up in the attic space. As science has taught us, warm air rises and when it becomes trapped inside the attic, it can cause rot or mold growth. Proper ventilation will help prevent this from happening while circulating the air. This can also help your HVAC systems function as they should and save you a few dollars as they work to cool your home. 

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