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Regular maintenance and inspection of a roof can help discover minor damage before it becomes a much larger roofing catastrophe. One item that many homeowners are not acquainted with, but can cause significant damage to a roof is dry rot. Understanding what dry rot is and where it comes from can help any homeowner identify it if they suspect their roof has an issue. The best way to keep dry rot away from the wood within a roofing structure is knowing  how to prevent it.

What is dry rot?

Dry rot is the result of deterioration to wood caused by a specific species of fungi. Often confused with wood rot, dry rot is most popular in areas with minimal moisture. The further the fungi spreads across the wood, smaller strands split wood fibers, which eventually will turn the wood soft. 

As most of a roofing system is made of wood, it is susceptible to dry rot, especially with the Arizona climate. The rafters, support beams, decking, and other critical components are typically all made of wood. These parts of the roof system are necessary to ensure your roof functions properly and does its job. Dry rot within any of these components of the roof can lead to a serious catastrophe, including structural damage or complete collapse.

Signs of Dry Rot

Roof inspection should be on the list of regular homeowner tasks to complete. While examining the roof, you will need to climb into your attic to inspect the underside and rafters. This is a prime area for dry rot growth and safety precautions should be taken when inspecting the attic. Below are a few visual cues that your wood may be infected with dry rot:

  • White growth on the wood.
  • Cracking or splitting wood into small pieces.
  • Noticeable dryness or crumbling wood. 

Be sure to wear gloves and a mask if you suspect your wood has been infected with dry rot. Touching the fungi can be harmful to your health. Most roofers will use a long screwdriver to determine if dry rot is an issue within a roofing system.

Prevent Dry Rot

The best way to prevent significant damage caused by dry rot is to have your roof regularly inspected by a professional roofer. They should know the earliest signs of dry rot and be able to catch it before it spreads. Repairing a small area now could end up saving you significantly in the future if dry rot is an issue. 

If your local roofer finds any areas in need of repair within your roofing system, including your gutters, you will want to have the work completed as quickly as possible. A leaking roof or damaged gutter system can be the source of additional moisture in an attic. This can lead to significant dry rot and further damage of the entire roofing system. 

Assessing the humidity levels in your attic can also help prevent dry rot. If the attic feels warm and air is not circulating, there is a greater chance of dry rot to form. Adding a roof ventilation fan can allow for more air to flow through the attic.

Work With A Professional

Dry rot can cause significant damage to your roof and be detrimental to your home. Understanding what dry rot is and the signs of growth can save you a significant amount of money and heartache if it is detected early. Having your roof annually inspected can help you catch small repairs or early signs of dry rot to help prevent it from spreading. 

If you believe your home has dry rot or you are concerned with your roof and you live in the East Valley, contact Craven Construction! Our team is experienced with roofs of all sizes, types, and material. We are available to professionally inspect your roof and provide any repairs you might need. Schedule your FREE estimate by calling our office today.

Do you suspect your roof has dry rot?

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