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Monsoon season brings a lot of stress for Arizona business owners and property managers. With building roofs likely much larger than those of a home, a commercial building is more likely to be damaged during a monsoon. Heavy rains, high winds, hail, and everything else mother nature decides to throw at us can cause significant harm to a roof. 

It is a good practice to do an inspection of the property after a monsoon hits the area. If you discover something during your inspection, or are not quite sure if the roof has suffered any damage, ask your local roofer to survey the area. They will be able to safely get on top of the roof and examine the materials more closely. 

While you are examining your roof yourself, there are a few key areas to look at and items to look out for. We are going to review a few here today to help you know when you have suffered damage.

Water Pooling

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs because they are economically feasible for such a large roof. They also are energy efficient and provide space for mechanical equipment. When a monsoon comes in, it brings with it heavy rains that can accumulate very quickly. Water has a tendency to pool in areas when the roofing and gutter system cannot keep up or becomes clogged. 

Typically, pools of water dissipate rather quickly, but if you notice the water still there after a period of time, your roof could be damaged. This water has the chance to seep through to the lower layers of the roofing system. Pools of water also could be a sign that the gutter or drainage system is clogged or also damaged. Call a roofer if you notice standing water on your commercial roof and they will be able to reach the root cause and help you repair it.

Check the Ceiling

A very common sign that a roof has a leak is water circles on a ceiling. After a monsoon, you might notice brown spots, mildew formation, peeling paint, or actual water coming through your ceiling. Likely, by the time a leak is showing on a ceiling, it means there is significant damage somewhere you might not be able to see. 

These types of leaks come to light after monsoon because of the sheer amount of rain that is dispersed in a small amount of time. It is incredibly important to contact a professional roofer to have the leak repaired. Failing to do so could cause not only significant damage to your roof, but also the contents of your building. 

Dismantled Materials 

High winds that come with a monsoon can pull materials right off the roof and dismantle the roofing system. When the materials are no longer attached, it can look like a ruffled area rug. With these materials missing or pulled up, rain can find its way underneath and make its way to the other materials. While the top layer of the roof is designed to deflect water and not absorb it, lower layers contain materials that can be significantly damaged if left exposed too long. 

Contact a roofer if you see the materials of your roof have been pulled up. They will not only be able to repair the damaged roof, but also help you prevent this from happening again.

Two Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Safety is always number one. Before you step onto your roof, ensure you can do so safely. If you are concerned about a heavily damaged area, do not step on the roof and contact a roofer. There could also be underlying damage that you cannot see so always proceed with caution, wear proper shoes, and secure any ladders. 
  2. Fixing damaged areas sooner than later is best. An area that has been damaged and left can cause further damage to your roof and building. While repairs can be costly, much larger repairs will come with a larger cost. 

Monsoons come and go each year and being prepared for them can help your building make it through. Proper maintenance and annual inspections by a skilled roofing company can help prevent damage. If you suspect your roof has been harmed during the latest monsoon, contact your local roofing company. 

Craven Construction is here for all of your roofing needs. Our team is highly experienced with handling repairs caused by monsoons and offers nearly two decades of experience. We are available to inspect your roof and provide you with a FREE estimate for repairs. If a re-roof is needed, we can also help you with that. Call our office to schedule your estimate and learn why Craven is your trusted East Valley roofer. 

Has Your Commercial Roof Suffered Monsoon Damage?

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