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Summer is nearly here, meaning it is time to start preparing your home for high temperatures and monsoons. The roof is an essential element of any home and shouldn’t be left out of your spring maintenance to prepare for the summer months ahead. Simple tasks completed now could end up saving you a lot if something were to happen this summer. 

Maintaining your roof is essential to making sure it withstands the elements and provides you with protection all summer. To keep your roof in its best shape over the next few months, complete these three simple tasks. It is recommended to perform this work earlier in the season before it gets too warm and heavy rains move in.

1. Clean Your Gutters

One of the best things you can do for your roof this Spring is to clean your gutters. They are tasked with ensuring water has a place to go and does not pool on your roof, but can only do so if they are free and clear. 

Throughout the year, debris, dirt, and twigs find their way into your gutters by way of the wind and rain. If your gutters are full and clogged, water will pool on the edge of your roof and can cause significant damage. Additionally, the added weight inside the gutters could pull them right off of your roof. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing to clean your gutters is safety. If you cannot safely climb a ladder and remove the debris, contact a professional. If you choose to complete this yourself, wear proper footwear and prepare to get a little dirty.

2. Look For Missing Tiles or Shingles

Roofing tiles and asphalt shingles can come loose, especially if your roof is older. When this happens, it can leave the underlayment exposed to the elements and open to damage. Examining your roof and looking for tiles & shingles that could be missing or cracked is an extremely important task to complete in the springtime. 

When left exposed, the underlayment layer of your roofing system can become damaged. UV rays and moisture can cause significant damage inside and outside of your home. These areas are also prone to heavy water damage and leaks.  

An easy way to look at your roof for missing tiles or shingles is to simply stand on your lawn and look up. Areas that might be difficult to see might require a pair of binoculars. If you are comfortable with using a ladder, you can climb on your roof to get a better look. Please note that an area with significant damage may look okay to walk on to the untrained eye. Use caution and call a professional if you are unsure.

3.  Get A Professional Inspection

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your roof is in its best shape for the upcoming seasons, especially if your roof is 10 years or older. Hiring a roofer to perform an in-depth inspection of your roof can give you a lot of information about the condition of your current roof.

The roofer you hire will likely take several hours and inspect everything from the roofing materials to your attic. This will give them the opportunity to not only examine the top most layer, but also the supporting layers too. A roof inspection can offer you significant details on how much longer your roof may last, minor repairs needed, and if you have any critical tasks that need complete.

Contact your local roofing company sooner than later to schedule your inspection. You want to get ahead of the crowd and have time to schedule any necessary repairs before the summer rush comes.

Craven Construction performs repairs and roofing inspections to the entire East Valley.

If you find your roof has significant damage to be repaired before this summer, contact our office. We offer FREE estimates for all repairs and new roofs. Our team is also available to perform in-depth inspections and provide you with a detailed report on the state of your roof. Call today to schedule yours! 

Is your roof prepared for Summer?

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