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We have had a lot of rain in the last few weeks, which commonly results in a lot of roofs in need of repair. While DIYing your roof repair may sound like a good idea and a way to save a few dollars, you should consider the dangers before doing so. Below are the top 4 risks of DIY roof repair to assess before starting a project yourself.

Risks of DIY Roof Repair

1. Missed Internal Damage
As you start your DIY process, you can probably watch a few videos or read an article on what to look for when your roof is leaking. What these articles are not telling you is that your roofing system is unique to your home and there may be additional areas you should check. 

When you call a roofer to repair your roof, they are not just coming to patch the holes and replace the tiles. Before they start working on your roof, they will inspect the entire roofing system, including areas you might not think of as a DIYer. Roofers tend to be trained to identify structural issues that are caused by missed internal damage from a leak. 

2. Incorrect Material
Do you know what types of materials that are currently on your roof? Or do you know what the best material is to use for a repair? Most likely, your answer is no. When you choose to DIY your roofing repair, the probability of you choosing an incorrect material is highly likely. Saving a few dollars on discounted items at your hardware store will likely cost more in the long run. 

Hiring an experienced roofer to repair your roof will give you the peace of mind that the correct materials will be used. This will also likely safeguard you from spending additional money on further repairs and more time repairing the roof again in the future. 

3. Further Damage 
Taking into account the risk of missing internal damage and using incorrect materials as a DIY roofing repair person, you are likely also taking the risk of further damage. Not being trained on what to look for, you can easily step on a soft spot on the roof forcing your foot through it. You are also not trained for working on top of a roof. Carrying heavy tools, not being experienced with the surroundings, and not competent to work with the materials are all ingredients in the recipe of roofing disaster.

Allowing a professional roofer to perform any roofing repairs, you can make sure your roofing structure is not further compromised. 

4. Injury
It is not an everyday occurrence that a non-roofer is on top of a roof. Once on a roof, it is easy to lose balance, get dizzy, and step somewhere that may be compromised without you knowing. Risking a DIY roof repair puts you at high risk of serious injury from falling off of your roof. 

Skilled roofers tend to be steady on their feet and know how to avoid troubled areas on a roof. Having the proper tools, such as ladders and scaffolding, can further keep them safe while performing repairs.

Saving a few dollars right now may end up costing your wallet and your health in the long run. Craven Construction provides quality roofing inspection, repair, and installation to East Valley, AZ. Contact our office at 602-399-4914 today if you are in need of repair and schedule your free estimate.

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