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Much like a train is similar to a car, a roof inspection is similar to a roofing estimate. They are related and serve similar purposes, but they are in fact VERY different! We often get calls requesting an inspection, when our customers actually need an estimate and vice versa.

So, what actually is a roof inspection? 

Glad you asked! We are going to clarify what a roof inspection is, how it differs from an estimate, what is included in an inspection, and why you might want to schedule one soon.

What is a roof inspection?

Much like the name describes, a roof inspection is a professional survey of your roofing system. It is a thorough examination, complete with a written report and recommendations. These inspections typically start around $250 and can increase in cost based on the size of the roof. 

An inspection is not free?!?

Correct, many homeowners tend to confuse a roof inspection with a roof estimate. Most roofing companies provide free inspections for roofing repairs or if you are seeking a new roof installation. The estimate will likely only include a price for the services you are seeking, not an in-depth written report. 

What is included in a roof inspection? 

The objective of a roof inspection is to survey the entire roofing system to obtain a written report. A professional roofer will look closely at not only your roof, but the underlying structure including your attic. You will see the inspector take several photos and notes while they are checking out your roof. Once they are complete with the initial inspection, they will compile the report and send it to you.

Common items included in the report:

  • Observations of necessary repairs or potential issues with the roof. These could include specific damaged areas, underlayment issues, ceiling cracks / leaks / water marks, missing tiles or shingles, damaged fascia, and problems with flashing, gutters, skylights, chimneys or vents. 
  • Your options for repairs and potential issues. This section could include the cost estimates to fix these repairs as well. 
  • How many years your roof has left. This is a key component of the inspection report as many homeowners did not initially have the roof put on their home and do not know how old it is. This will help you determine if or when you should repair or replace your roof. 
  • Each section of the report will have several photos to document the findings.

Why have a roof inspection completed?

There are typically three events that may call for a professional roof inspection to be complete. 

1- Routine Inspection – Regular inspections are important to understand the condition of your roof. Doing so will help you know a proper maintenance plan that can extend your roof’s life. Having your roof inspected regularly can also help you plan for major renovations and replacement. 

2 – You Are Buying A Home – Homebuyers should schedule a complete home inspection that includes a roof inspection before closing. Doing so will help them understand any necessary repairs and potentially negotiate the final selling price of the home. 

After you have bought a home, you may still want to have a professional take a look at the roof. They will be able to tell you how many years you have left before needing a replacement. This and additional information you might not have obtained from the previous owner will be included in your report. 

3- You Are Selling A Home – A professional roof inspection can show potential buyers that you care about your home and have taken care of the necessities before listing it for sale. It can help boost the price of the home, especially if you complete the repairs new homeowners likely do not want to deal with.

Is it time to have your roof inspected? Contact Craven Construction today to schedule a professional assessment of your roof. Our roofing team is available to provide you with an in depth report, complete with necessary repairs and photos. We also provide quality roof repairs and installation to the entire East Valley.

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