Commercial buildings typically have a flat or spray foam roof. A roof with a low slope will cost less to install because less material will be used. Many large commercial buildings also require significant HVAC systems which can be housed on a low slope roof. If you own or manage a commercial building, you understand the significance of ensuring all systems, including the roofing system, are functional at all times. 

One commercial roof essential that is often overlooked is proper drainage. 

Most homes have slanted roofs that help drive water away from the roofing system and into the gutters. Unlike a house, a building with a flat roof does not have the law of gravity to direct water off of the roofing system. Ensuring moisture has somewhere to go is essential for any commercial roof. Below are the top reasons why proper drainage is so important. 

Before we start discussing drainage, it is important to discuss the roof’s slope. The slope refers to the steepness of the roof. What most building owners and managers do not understand is that a flat roof is not completely flat. This is to help aid water to proper drainage.

1. Standing Water

When water has nowhere to go, it will collect on the roof. We refer to this as standing water. If left untouched, this water will seep into the roofing material and start to cause issues. The longer the water is left, the further into the roofing system it will seep, and the worse the damage will be. 

In order to prevent standing water, proper drainage is required for a flat roof. If you notice that your roof has water standing on it, you will want to call a local roofer quickly. Also, check your current drains to make sure they are not clogged and remove any debris.

2. Leaks

Like we just said, standing water can cause a commercial roof to form a leak. The last thing you want to happen to your commercial roof is for it to start leaking. Once a leak forms, it can either be found and repaired or it will go undetected for a while since commercial building systems are so complex. 

If a leak goes undetected, it can turn into a much larger issue. The damage caused by a hidden leak can be catastrophic and require extensive repair. Having proper drainage in your commercial roofing system can help prevent leaks from forming and save your property from needing repair. 

3. Interior Damage

Water needs somewhere to go and if there is not proper drainage on your commercial roof, it may find its way inside your building. When it does, the interior damage can be extensive! Not only does the water cause damage to your roofing system, it can ruin anything inside your building. Depending on what is inside, the price of the damage could be pretty high. 

For example, a manufacturing building with large equipment, inventory, packing material, and employees could really be vulnerable if a leak occurs. The items inside could end up completely ruined, requiring replacement or repair. If your commercial building does not have proper drainage in its roofing system, you could be paying for more than a new roof sooner than later. 

4. Roof Lifespan

Likely the most important reason to ensure your commercial roof has proper drainage is so it lives up to its full lifespan. A commercial roof that is in complete working order and is well-maintained should live up to its lifespan. Not having proper drainage will certainly shorten the lifespan of any roof for the reasons we listed above. 

Improper drainage will allow standing water, mold & mildew growth, leaks to form, and internal damage to get worse with time. Making sure your commercial roof has proper damage will keep it dry and clean, and ensure it lives up to its expected lifespan.

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