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Most homeowners do not know they have a leak in their roof until it starts to rain. It is extremely common that a leak is only noticeable to an untrained eye while it is raining. When a leak is discovered during a storm, homeowners tend to immediately call their local roof for urgent inspection or repair. 

What most homeowners do not realize when they discover a leak is a roofer cannot safely and accurately inspect their roof during the rain. Additionally, roofing repairs and other work cannot be done while it is raining either. If you have a roofer claiming they can do so, you might want to get a second opinion.

Safety First

The number one reason roofers cannot complete inspections, repairs, or installation in the rain is because it is not safe. There is no denying that materials can become slippery when wet and roofing materials are not exempt to this. Also, roofing ladders can be incredibly treacherous when wet and all roofing work requires several ladders of every size.

For the safety of their employees, roofing companies will not perform any work while it is raining. Depending on the scope of work, it may also be unsafe for the homeowner to have work completed during the rain.

Your Roofer Knows

A professionally trained roofer will be able to identify a roof leak when it is not raining. Unlike a homeowner, a roofing contractor knows the “other” common signs of a leak besides the obvious water pool. This can include, but is certainly not limited to, mold growth, water stains, and distorted or missing shingles. These are all signs that a standard homeowner might not notice or understand that they have a leak in the roof.

Without the need to hurt themselves or risk falling off a ladder, a roofer will be able to spot a leak, even when it is not raining. Again, if a roofer is eager to inspect your roof while it is raining, you might want to question their intentions. It is extremely unsafe and they should have the knowledge to spot the leak.

More Harm Than Good

Roofers watch the weather forecast regularly to help prepare their team and schedule new roofing jobs. Roofing companies cannot complete work in the rain. Doing so can be unsafe and do further damage to the roof. Whether it is a new roof installation or repair, any work completed in the rain can damage the layers of the roof. 

Some roof materials are susceptible to water damage. For example, the roof decking can be harmed by extensive rain if it is exposed for too long. To help combat roof damage, roofing teams will cover the roof if they are concerned about rain in the forecast. As a homeowner, you should be happy to put off the work for a day or two to ensure the job is done right the first time. 

Additionally, trapping water between your roofing layers can be further damaging to the roof. Mold will likely form between the layers and cause them to rot. This could eventually lead to roof failure and potentially it falling into your home.

Trusted Roofer

The best thing any homeowner can do is find a roofing company they trust. A good relationship can assure that your roofer will complete the work in a safe manner and give you the best options when it comes to needing repairs. Water can wreak havoc on a roof and leaks can form. To help repair the leak, trust your local roofer to inspect it and complete all repairs when it is not raining. 

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