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Although temperatures rarely reach below freezing in the East Valley, the winter months still pose a threat to your roof. Lower temperatures at night cause fluctuation in the roofing materials that can cause them to break down. The consistent expanding and contracting can provoke cracking, which opens the roofing system to severe damage. 

To help you avoid costly roof repairs in the dead of winter, there are a few simple items you can do. We have put together three tips to help you prevent winter roof damage.

1. Schedule A Regular Roof Inspection

The easiest way to prevent significant roof damage is to catch it before it turns into a large issue. By scheduling a regular roof inspection, you can ensure your roof will be in top working order for the winter months. A professional roofer can inspect all pieces of your roofing system to look for any issues or potential problems. They can assess the materials for deterioration, look for any missing pieces, examine your vents and gutters, and check for any potential leaks. 

While you can likely inspect your roof by yourself, a professional roofer knows exactly where to look and what to look for. Additionally, a roofer will have the necessary materials to inspect your roof safely. If you haven’t had your roof professionally inspected lately, you will want to contact your local roofer today. It is recommended an inspection is completed every year to protect your home. 

2. Know The Signs Of Damage

Winter comes quickly after the monsoon season in Arizona. This means your roof could already be damaged from the heavy rains and wind without you knowing it. To help prevent significant damage during the winter, you can look for signs of a roofing problem before it becomes something larger. If you see any water spots on your ceiling, you might have a leak. You can also check your attic space for mold growth or leaks. 

Each roofing material has different ways of showing damage has been done. Researching your own specific roofing material is going to be best to understand what potential signs you should look for. Make sure you can look for damage in a safe manner and contact your local roofing company if you need an inspection.

3. Make Necessary Repairs Immediately

One sure way to needing significant roofing repair in the middle of winter is to not make necessary repairs immediately. Leaving a damaged roof alone can cause the damage to become more significant and need additional repair. It is recommended to have repairs completed immediately to prevent further damage that could cost you significantly more.

Work With A Professional

Many homeowners are often handy and complete general repairs or inspections themselves. While this might be true, it is always best to work with a professional to ensure you get the job done right. They will know what to look for to prevent additional damage to your roofing system and protect your home all winter long. 

Asking a roofer to complete an inspection at least once a year is recommended by industry experts. Additionally, knowing the signs of roof damage can help you discover an issue before it becomes significant. Lastly, if you do discover an area that is in need of repair, have it rectified quickly to ensure further damage is not done. 

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